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ork is no different from that ▓of other grassroots agricultural scientific researchers in China. She calls herself "alab farmer". 銆€銆€"Th▓e difference between the real farmers and us is that ▓their land is much larger than ours

in size," said Zhoigar. 銆€銆€Zhoigar comes from a civil servant family in Xigaze. She began her work in Bomi after g

raduating from the regi▓onal agricultural and animal husbandry college in 19▓97. 銆€銆€Traditionally, on the plateau with an avera▓ge altitude of more than 3,000 meters, Tibetans make a liv▓ing through farming and livestock. The Nyingchi Prefec▓ture, where the Bomi County is located, is known a▓s "granary of Tibet" as the low-altitude prefectur▓e boasts n


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early one-fourth of the region's total farmland. 銆€銆€Zhoigar thought she arrived at the right place to practice what she had learned a

t college, but old-fashioned values soon taught her a lesson in patience. 銆€銆€In addition to the hardship of long hours of outdoor work,▓ Zhoigar found that her fe

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